Why You Should Get A Piano Teacher

Learning how to play the piano is not easy. Though it’s possible to learn a few songs via YouTube, learning the basics is quite harder than expected. You will have to learn how to read the notes, what each individual note means, and how to properly play with the correct tempo. You will need to learn the correct posture for playing and you will need to practice every single day if you want to be able to play smoothly. Learning how to do all these on your own may be challenging, so it is a far better decision to get a professional piano teacher to help you.

Piano Teacher


Getting a piano teacher is one of the best ways to really learn how to play the piano because your teacher will be able to teach you about everything you need to know. There are many different kinds of piano teachers, some old, some young, some teach public classes while others prefer private teaching. If you are looking for one in Singapore, click this link: http://www.vivpianoteachersingapore.com and you will be given many options for teachers. It doesn’t matter what type of teacher you choose, as long as he/she has all the right credentials, you’re sure you will learn from him/her, and that you will be comfortable while doing it.

Many people say that it’s too late to learn the piano when you’re not a kid anymore. It’s true that your fingers won’t be as flexible and fast as when you were young, but a good piano teacher should be able to teach you how to play the piano no matter what age you are. Your brain and hand-eye coordination will also slow down as you age but again, a good piano teacher will be able to help you briskly read the notes and play nicely at the same time. Of course, it would take a lot of patience and practice.

Getting a piano teacher will also make you more disciplined as a person. Instead of just playing the pieces you like, you will be forced to play all the different kinds of music just so you can be a well-rounded piano player. You will be forced to do practice exercises even if they hurt your fingers, and you will be forced to practice at least one hour a day. This is not only good for learning the piano but useful in your everyday life as well.

Getting a piano teacher is very beneficial, no matter what age you are. Get one now and be a professional piano player in no time!


Singapore IELTS

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IELTS is also known as the International English Language Testing System. It is a kind of test that measures a person’s ability to read, write, speak, or listen to the English language. It is one of the only English skills tests that are accepted worldwide.

There are two kinds of IELTS tests: academic and general training. Both these tests are made up of sub-tests that measure each of the four basic language skills. The only difference is that the reading and writing parts of the academic test are more focused on academic settings while those of the general training are, in fact, about general settings.

Testing centers are located in many countries worldwide, but here we will talk about those in Singapore.

Many people are anxious about taking the IELTS because they feel that their abilities are not honed enough to get good results. Because of this, the IELTS offers practice sets and reviewers similar to their tests so that applicants will be able to prepare better for the test. However, some people still aren’t confident after taking these preparations. For these people, we advise getting a Singapore IELTS Tutor.

A Singapore IELTS Tutor is simply an IELTS tutor based in Singapore that is available to help applicants hone their skills in reading, speaking, writing, and listening to the English language. They also give out reviewers and practice sets and correct any mistake you might have made in answering these. They would also give out comments on your reading comprehension or writing skills that no one would have made if you have taken the practice sets by yourself. Furthermore, your speaking skills would greatly improve because you have someone to converse with rather than speaking alone.

Hiring a tutor as preparation for the Singapore IELTS is actually better than preparing alone because you have a guide and a support system. Since the tutor knows all about the IELTS, he/she will be able to hone and convince you of your abilities, which, in turn, would help build your confidence when taking the exam. He/she will be able to tell what you must or must not do before, during, and after the exam, and you can tell him/her about all your worries and concerns. Having a buddy during this very anxious time is actually one way of relaxing yourself before and during the exam.

If you are taking the Singapore IELTS anytime soon, our advice is prepare wisely.

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